Don’t be watered down in your faith.

As I was cleaning out a coffee cup this morning, I noticed that all the coffee residue came out easier if it was filled with water. If I had left the residue in there, it would be much harder to clean out later. This could be looked at in two ways.

1. When filled with the Spirit of God, it is realized that we need to pour out to others. But when we water it down and simply try to pour it out, it leaves nothing in us. We are wiped of any noticeable trace reality.

Jesus said that if salt loses it’s saltiness, what good is it to anyone? It is to be thrown out and trampled by men.

Imagine someone giving you a cup of coffee. You get it, and look at it, and from the top it looks like regular coffee. But you notice, it isn’t steaming. You take a sip and you realize that the coffee is lukewarm. It’s actually just a little coffee topped off with a lot of water.

Tie that into Christian faith.

It’s going to be obvious to those around you that you are watered down.

and that’s not even the worst of it.

In Revelation Jesus says of the lukewarm, “I will spit you out of my mouth.”

Many people know how to play  church; they do it well. It’s time to start being church. The church that Jesus intended. His bride, the love of his life, his church.

2. Once again imagine the coffee cup with the coffee residue in the bottom. Relate that to the sin that you keep holding on to. The longer it is left in the bottom of the cup, the easier it will be to leave it there. It will be harder to scrub out later, and eventually you’ll just stop washing it all together and get used to drinking out of the contaminated cup. The more you become OK with that residue being there, the longer it will stay, and you eventually will forget about it all together. You’ll forget what it’s like to have a clean cup.