Now is a time of change in my life, a time where it seems that I sometimes feel confused with everything that’s going on with me and around me. Just recently finishing my first year of college, I am at a stage where everything has taken a drastic pause,

College seems to move SO quickly and when that constant motion is interrupted, it seems that everything shakes up a little. Sitting here at home, hearing the barking of dogs and the laughter of high-school kids enjoying the beginnings of summer, I begin to realize how… care-free I was just one year ago. I was beginning to see that responsibility was setting in, beginning to wonder how to tackle it, but in all reality, I was only preparing. I wasn’t actually living out that responsibility in full. I was captivated by the idea of freedom, the idea that I could make my own choices.

The true reality is that as we grow older, we often see the responsibilities we have as taking us captive once again. This isn’t the case. What we take on is our responsibility, and the only reason we would feel captive is if we allowed ourselves to feel that way. We must get out of Socrates’ cave* and see the true light of life. Even those outside the cave had responsibilities, but because of their realization of the light, they can enjoy those responsibilities while maintaining their freedom.

We are free in Christ. Through Him we are set free from the oppression and slavery of this world. When the Bible says we are to be slaves to Christ, it is to be noticed why we are slaves. We are willing slaves, because when we realize the true measure of God’s love for us, the true measure of His Son, our hearts will willingly accept the responsibility to serve Christ in everything we do. It is a joyous responsibility, because we have knowledge of the outcome of our service.

Because of our knowledge of God’s greatness, we must have faith in Him. When Jesus walked on the water in Matthew 14, Peter got out of the boat and approached Him. When Peter saw the storm through his earthly perspective, he began to sink. Peter knew that the all-powerful Son of God was right in front of Him, standing steadily on the water, but he based his faith on his own understanding, and this caused him to sink back into worldly life.

We must live our lives trusting Jesus completely, because we know the depth of His power. We may not understand Him, His motives, or any part of Him, but we must trust Him because we know Him.

Through this period of transition I see that I sometimes feel as if I’m sinking, and that is only because I sometimes have small faith, like Peter did as he was walking towards Jesus.

As we walk towards Jesus, we must see that He is letting us do great things, impossible things, because we’re trusting Him. It is when we lose sight of the Savior, when we lose the joy of our salvation, that we begin to sink and doubt and fall into worldly things.

Stay Strong, Fight the good fight, Finish the Race, Keep the Faith.


*Plato’s The Simile of the Cave