Wounds hurt. They cause pain, destruction, distraction, and weakness. It is inevitable that they will happen. Every human being is capable of being wounded and will be at some point in their life. Minor or major, wounds happen.

As soon as a wound happens, human nature immediately wants to seek out healing.

PLEASE, Make this go away, make it better, make this pain stop.

We seek help, either from ourselves or a physician. The solid fact is, the vast majority of humans don’t enjoy pain. We want to be rid of it.

When we find the cure for our wound, we apply it as quickly as we can, hoping that the wound will begin to recede completely. Over time, the scars appear. You know you’ve been wounded, and you know you don’t want it to happen again. First there is a scab, and eventually new skin grows back. That is the design of human nature.

As the wound heals, we think of ways to avoid the wound coming back. We will stand guard against whatever it was that hurt us.

Now, imagine someone who digs into a wound over and over and over again. As soon as they are almost completely healed, they open the wound again, causing healing to occur slowly. The body becomes confused because it can’t fully regenerate what has been broken over and over again. This happening seems to be highly unlikely, because it is not the nature of man.

It is far more likely than we realize.

Sin enters, and it hurts.

Sin wounds us, and we tend to open wounds over and over and over again.

We wonder why we can’t heal, and it is because we keep opening the wounds.

We need to allow healing to come to our scars.

It’s our nature,

God designed us that way. Image